Friday, April 15, 2011

Mercenary Gurl

Had this sitting around in my sketchbook for like a month. Figured I should get it uploaded haha. Anyways, it's kind of an amalgamation of all my favorite sci-fi sort of I guess warrior women, or super sci-fi assassins. Mostly pulling from the awesome ghost units (and the super cool ghost Nova) from Starcraft by the folks at Blizzard.

Just threw on everything I could mostly. The thigh holstered pistol, large combat knife, a bandolier around the leg with bullets, tech goggles, and a sort of backpack assembly that also holds a larger, I suppose assault rifle or SMG. All the fun stuff you want a space soldier to have. Plus a skin tight suit, because well... clothing is hard to draw haha

Silhouettes are fun

A few things I did to kill some time before class. Silhouettes are a fun way to make something, out of basically nothing haha.
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